Listening to Others

Finally, a place I can talk (well write actually) and not be interrupted.  I am not a ‘talker’ but do like to share my thoughts and feelings at times.  I have found throughout my life that most people like to talk but don’t listen when others talk.  I believe God blessed me with the gift of a compassionate heart and listening ear.  I like listening to others when they need to vent, to share a laugh or even just to express themselves as reassurance that they are indeed an important and valuable human being.  The world beats us down but a friend who listens can be an encouragement and a validating source for others.  So I take my blessing of listening to others that God has given to me very seriously.

On the other hand though, even good listeners need to be heard sometimes.  So for all you ‘talkers’, take a deep breath and give us that ‘listen’ a chance to be heard sometimes!

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I never get tired of learning. I am saved by G-R-A-C-E G-God's R-Redemption A-at C-Christ's E-Expense
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2 Responses to Listening to Others

  1. Sara says:

    lol, you don’t talk often??? ha ha ha that’s a good one!

    We do all like to be heard but maybe we need to turn our hearing aids up and not down when others are talking to us. A true friends is able to hold a conversation both ways and is supportive regardless of what you have to say. To God be the glory if you find that friend. Hold on for dear life and remember that you should not take advantage of them. Thou your friends fall in and out of your life a true friend can see you after many years and make you feel like you had only been apart for one night.

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