God’s Love Revealed Even in Animals


Shot Horse Saved from Death by Licks of Other Horses

Tuesday , May 18, 2010


A horse shot twice with a crossbow by unknown vandals survived after four fellow mares spent three hours taking turns — to lick the wound clean, The Sun reported Tuesday.

The 20-year-old horse, Zeta, was in critical condition after one of the arrows bounced off her rib, while another lodged an inch from her lung as she grazed in a field in the U.K. Owner Jo Young, 39, said the four other horses saved Zeta’s life.

“It was really touching that when she was found the other horses in the field were nuzzling her for comfort and licking the wound,” Young said. “They kept the wound clean which would have prevented it from being infected by bacteria. It also helped to stem the blood flow.”

“There was definitely a herd instinct kicking in among the horses. They knew Zeta was in need and they rallied round to save her,” he said………….

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This article spoke to my heart.  We have an amazing GOD who put the caring and nurturing of a needy individual even in the animals.  I read this story and it reminded me of the need to always be there to love and comfort our friends (and even others we don’t know) when there is a need. 

I struggle with knowing when a person’s need is real and when it might be a scam.  I know if I see someone have a car accident or fall down or some type of visible need then I help without a second thought.  But what do I do when someone who is a stranger to me approaches me with a need?  My flight or fight reaction kicks in and most of the time, I am ashamed to admit, I refuse and hurry on my way.  But GOD has put it on my heart twice recently that there may be instances I need to help and let HIM handle the results.  If the person does not use the help to buy  a necessary item such as food or if they really do not need a room to stay in  because there vehicle really didn’t break down then I would feel used and would be more likely to refuse next time I am asked.  But what if I helped and turned it over to the LORD and let HIM determine the consequences if the “help” was misused?  Could this small act of obedience to God to help another possibly be the spark that opens that persons’ heart and mind to the Love of GOD

I will pray for wisdom the next time a need is brought to my attention.  I want to be used to show GOD‘s love to others, not as a stumbling block. 

I want to have a heart for JESUS!

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